Flowers are the music of ground from earth’s lips spoken without sound flowers

About Shubhanshu

” Young wild and free” Passionate about writing and love making new friends…”exploring this world” !! As the name (world reacher) itself suggest I want to reach out to the world, interact with everyone, share the knowledge to the greatest extent possible and support the world I find writing to be very cathartic, and hope blogging will help me sort through feelings of isolation. Most people don’t get the chance to live as an expatriate. Blogging lets me share the good, the bad, and the ugly of aspects life.” I am blogging rather than journaling because I think, I hope, I have something to offer my readers.

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  1. great words dear!!! there is poetry in ur words

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  2. That’s beautiful! 🙂

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  3. That’s a nice idea. Sunflowers could be pop music — bright, colorful and cheerful. Classical music would be more like a rose or a carnation. The beautiful simplicity of folk music would be a good match for the daisy. My singing voice could be a cactus or possibly a dead tree stump.

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    …because sometimes (and more often than not) words are unnecessary! Thanks for the follow Shubhanshu!

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  5. Wonderful! I found it!

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